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Mortal Kombat X Scorpion

Mortal Kombat X Preview

Mortal Kombat X is coming. If you, like myself, have nothing but fond memories of the blood-spattered madness found in the Mortal Kombat series, you’ll understa...[Read More]

WWE 2K15

WWE 2K15 Preview

It may come as a surprise to nearly everyone who doesn’t follow professional wrestling, but the WWE games developed by 2K studios aren’t just fun wrestling game...[Read More]


The Crew Preview

The Crew has been labelled as a Racing MMORPG, which is right at home with the growing trend of genre mish-mashing that has taken the place of more traditional ...[Read More]

Grand Theft Auto V - A Picket Fence and a Dog Named Skip Trailer _ PS4.mp4.Still009

Grand Theft Auto V Pc Preview

GRAND THEFT AUTO V: NEXT GEN PREVIEW Grand Theft Auto V is coming to current-gen consoles (We already exist in the ‘next-gen’, people.) and the PC, which should...[Read More]


The Evil Within Preview

Bethesda Softworks recently launched a TGS trailer for The Evil Within. This horror survival game is set to launch in about a month. And as you can see, it̵...[Read More]

Destiny Warlock

Destiny Warlock Guide

DESTINY – FROM ZERO TO HERO: MASTER YOUR WARLOCK While the Titan truly shines in close quarters combat, the Warlock is more suited for lethal action at a distan...[Read More]

Titan in Destiny

Master Your Titan

Choosing between the Titan, Warlock, or Hunter before embarking on your adventure in Destiny may seem an innocuous enough decision. The truth is, however, that ...[Read More]

League Of Legends

Farming In League Of Legends

Solo queue is all about being consistent in your efforts, and farming is one of the most undervalued ways to win a lot of League of Legends matches. Mastering t...[Read More]

Destiny Arcus regime

Destiny Exotic Gear Guide

DESTINY – THE HUNT FOR EXOTIC GEAR   So, you’ve just completed a strike mission on the hardest difficulty setting available to you. This can sometimes be a...[Read More]

Hearthstone Legendary Deck

Hearthstone Legendary Decks

REACH LEGENDARY RANK ON THE CHEAP WITH THESE HEARTHSTONE LEGENDARY DECKS The arguable beauty of Hearthstone is that, at any given moment, a well-timed draw from...[Read More]

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